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Delivering powerful video solutions.
To get you results.

Online Video

​The new generation of traveler, Gens X & Y are internet savvy. They want to see entertaining videos. Showing them static product is no longer enough, they want to see how you can offer them an enjoyable holiday.


Want 7 good reasons why you need an online video?

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Television Broadcast

HolidayTravelTV create and produce lifestyle and adventure travel series for television.

We recently produced the niche adventure series INTO WATER & BEYOND for the Aurora channel. This production allowed us to feature both underwater and topside production.  

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Integrated Video Solutions

In todays day and age you need to get the widest reach and we can assist you with an integrated multi-platform approach that will allow you to leverage the powers of television, online distribution, social media and emerging digital technologies.

Become competitive and win a greater share of the market across multiple platforms.

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Part of telling a good story is understanding what the product is all about. HolidayTravelTV specialise in the production of tourism & hospitality videos.

Over the years we’ve gained a good understanding of the industry, its challenges and its audience. If you have a story that needs to be told connect with us, we’d love to share our experiences and expertise with you.

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Event Filming

Need to capture the essence of an up and coming event, whether its sporting, entertainment or a corporate occasion. We can help you capture and deliver your event across multiple platforms.


Check out some examples.

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Underwater Videography

Capturing the essence of a subject underwater is a specialised skill within itself.

Having worked for many years with tourism operators and destinations that are based on and around the water has required us to refine our skills and invest in the best underwater videography equipment. 

>> watch our underwater reel

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